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Congratulations to Thijmen and Loreen on the victory of 
ALL STARS 2010 – 2014!

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Are you a Eurovision fan?

FantESCy is the first interactive Eurovision game-app you can play every month with fans all over the world. This game enables you to be one of the national jury members, rate all songs in Semi-Finals and Grand Final, predict qualifiers and end-positions and gives you the opportunity to create your own Green Room of 10 countries.

Join FantESCy, create groups, invite your family and friends and experience the Euphoria!

The monthly unlimited Eurovision game

Vote, predict and create your own Green Room with ten countries.

Become a jury member

Be a member of the national jury of your country and give your personal votes to each country in the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final.

Predict the results

Predict the qualifiers for the Grand Final and predict the end-positions in the Grand Final. You will receive points for every correct prediction.

Create a Green Room

Select 10 countries. The higher your 10 countries will be ranked in the Grand Final, the more points you will receive.

Share the fun

Create groups, invite your friends and compare your personal votes. See which group member was the Hero.

Start the nail biting

See live how other players voted, which countries qualified for the Grand Final and follow the voting in the Grand Final.

And more

Watch our daily selection of videos, read the latest news and vote on social media for the edition of the next month.

Personally created by a Eurovision fan for the fandom!

Goodevening fellow fans in Europe, Australia and rest of the World. Welcome to fantESCy!


FantESCy is based on a game I created and enjoyed playing with my friends every single year while watching Eurovision and having lots of fun!

After Tel Aviv 2019,  I decided to share this unique game with Eurovision fans all over the world. Even though we don’t have Eurovision 2020 with fantESCy I will be offering you and your friends Eurovision-fun all year round.


Have lots of fun, join the Euphoria and turn fantESCy into a winning game!

Start the Eurovision-fun with fantESCy and download the app today!