Grand Final

Good evening Europe and Australia!

Get ready for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024!


26 countries will battle for the victory!
As will you, for the victory within FantESCy!
LIVE! Edition: May 11th 


May we have your votes and your predictions please?

Get ready for the Grand Final!

How does it work?

  1. Making Your Mind Up: give your personal votes (1 to 12) to each entry. 
  2. Create your own Green Room of 10 countries. Every rank in the Grand Final has its own value: the higher your 10 countries will be ranked in the results of the Grand Finals the more points you will receive. 
  3. Predict the end position of all entries in the Grand Final. 
Grand Final will open after both Semi-Finals have ended and the running order has been published.
You will receive points for each country in your Green Room depending on their end position during the Grand Final in Rotterdam.
  • Did one of your countries in the Green Room end up on top of the table being the Hero of Our Time? You will receive 390 points.
  • Number 2 in your Green Room? = 375 points
  • Number 3 in your Green Room? = 360 points
  • and this goes on for all ranks with 15 points difference….
  • Number 24 in your Green Room? = 45 points
  • Did one of your countries in the Green Room somehow end up 25th in Only Teardrops? You will still receive 30 points.
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Predict the end position points

12 points

For each correctly predicted end position

+ 4 bonus points

More than 10 countries correctly predicted? You earned 4 bonus points for each country after the 10th country

+ 4 extra points

More than 17 countries correctly predicted? You earned 4 extra bonus points for each country after the 17th country

15 bonus points

Predicting the actual winner as your My Number One

Grand Final results

  • Predict the end positions and assemble your own Green Room.
  • There are no restrictions in the prediction of end positions, e.g. you can predict that all entries will finish in the 11-15 range. In that case, you will have correctly predicted 5 entries, but also missed 21 entries.
  • Give your personal votes to each entry.
  • Create groups, invite family and friends and compare your personal votes.
  • Your personal score and rankings will be available right after the Grand Final.
  • In the LIVE! edition of FantESCy in May 2024, the results during the live shows in Liverpool will determine how the game will develop.
  • The deadline for the LIVE! edition is May 11th, right after the second recap has been broadcast.

Next edition

When is the next edition of FantESCy?

The next edition of FantESCy is in April: FantESCy Eurovision. In May 2023 the LIVE! edition will be available during Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool! The results in the live shows will determine how the game develops.

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Have lots of fun and Take it away!