Groups & Results

Share the fun with friends, follow the results and become the winner!
No more printing voting sheets: create groups with family & friends and compare your personal votes for the entries and your personal scores within the game.



Create groups

  • Share the Eurovision-fun with your family and friends
  • Create groups
  • Invite your family and friends.
  • Compare your personal votes
  • See which country was the favorite of your group
  • See which group member has the highest score.

Weren’t you the best player within your group? Don’t worry, you will get the chance to Rise Like a Phoenix in the next edition of fantESCy.


The results in this LIVE! edition will be determined by the actual results during Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

  • The deadline for the Semi-Finals is right after the first recap of the live shows.

  • The deadline for the Grand Final right after the first recap of the live show.


  • The player with the highest score worldwide will earn the honour of being the winner of fantESCy worldwide, Hallelujah! And you will receive our Congratulations and a small reward as well 🙂

  • The winners of the 39 participating countries ánd ’the rest of the World’ will be asked to be the spokesperson in the Grand Final of the next Fairytale edition of fantESCy!
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Next edition

What and when is the next edition of FantESCy?

In the next edition of FantESCy the personal votes of players within FantESCy will determine how the game develops.

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Have lots of fun and Take it away!