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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

The personal votes of all the players of fantESCy will determine the actual voting.
Based on the personal votes of all the players within a country the votes of that country (1 to 12) will be determined. This will be done for all 39 participating countries. Players from non-participating countries will be country 40: FantESCia.

In both Semi-Finals and in the Grand Final the votes of the 40 countries will determine the qualifiers for the Grand Final and the voting during the Grand Final.

This also means that not only the countries participating in a single Semi-Final will vote, but all 40 countries will vote in both Semi-Finals.

Yes, you can give multiple 12 points as there are no restrictions in the personal votes. 

If you love all the songs, just give them 12 points. On the contrary, if you don’t like any of the songs, you can give all of them 1 point.

No, the personal votes will be used to determine the actual voting (1 to 12) of your own country. 

Furthermore, when you create of join a group, you can compare your personal votes with the personal votes of your friends.

Even though, just like in Eurovision, your country won’t be voting for itself, voting for your own country means that you can also compare your personal votes for your own country with the personal votes of your friends within a group.

You can start your own group or join a group after you’ve been invited.

Once you are a member of a group you can invite friends by sending them an invite by SMS, mail, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook. Your friends can join the group by clicking on the invite-link, after downloading the FantESCy-app.

No, you can only select 10 countries in a single Semi-Final as qualifiers for the Grand Final. 

After selecting the tenth country you won’t be able to select a new qualifier unless you deselect a country first.

Yes, there’s is no restriction in predicting end-positions during the Grand Final. 

You can predict that all 26 countries will end up in the range of 6th to 10th position.

In that case, you will receive points for having predicted correctly 5 countries, but on the other hand, you won’t receive any points for the other 21 countries.

You will receive points:

●  For correctly predicting qualifiers for the Grand Final
●  For correctly predicting end-positions in the Grand Final
●  For every country in your own Green Room, depending on the end-positions of those countries in the Grand Final

For a full overview of how the points in the game will be allocated and the game rules, check our pages of the Semi-Final and the Grand Final.

Rankings is visible for premium-members who also play the Grand Final. 

After you entered the Grand Final, your ranking will be visible.

Grand Final will be available after the Semi-Finals have ended.

FantESCy is a game with strict deadlines for the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final.
The results are published the day after the deadline has passed.
When you try to play the game after the deadline has passed, you can still enter the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final to watch the videos of the entries. Unfortunately, playing the game of that specific edition (voting, predicting, creating your green room) is not possible.

FantESCy is free to download. You can watch all the videos, play the Semi-Finals, create groups and play against friends.

Playing the Grand Final is only accessible for Premium members.

Players joining FantESCy in March 2021 until April 18th 2021 will become Premium members automatically for free!

You can become a Premium member by upgrading the app (click on Grand Final in the app when the Grand Final of the real Eurovision opens) on May 20th .

Once you’re a premium member, you can play the next upcoming editions for free.

Premium membership costs € 2,29.

The player with the highest score worldwide will earn the honour of being the winner of fantESCy worldwide, Hallelujah! And you will receive our Congratulations and a small reward as well 🙂

Apart from that, we will have 42 winners for the 41 countries who were competing in 2020 and a winner of the country fantESCia. Those 42 winners will be asked to be the spokesperson for the Grand Final of the next edition of fantESCy in june 2020!

Start the Eurovision-fun with fantESCy and download the app today!